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Welcome to my website !

This website will give an overview of the record sleeve artwork made by comicbook artists and illustrators, like Uderzo, Franquin, Herge, Druillet, Frazetta,Jack Davis, etc  etc.

These artists made a lot of nice comic- & artbooks, but also magnificent artwork for record sleeves (LP, singles and CD).

Franquin_ep_JeanRoland_Spirou      Uderzo_ep_Asterix_ilschantent

Peyo_LP_sweden_SuperSmurfen       Vandersteen_ep_SW_VanHouten_DeSchoneSlaper

This website will also have more information (Other Info), like books about this artwork, news, expositions, links to other  ‘nice to know’  websites, etc

In the overview of the record sleeves  (Artists)  I sort the artists on their last name (Joost Swarte –>  Swarte, Joost) or artist name (George Remi –> Herge)  and than on year the record is released.

Each photo also will have as much information as I have or could find.

At this moment the overview is still under construction, because I just started to fill this website  and I do have more than 4500 photo’s with information. So it will take some time before all is on the website.

This website is just for information. This is not a webshop !

Why this website ?

I’m a comicbook collector for a long time and I always liked the merchandise of those comicbooks too. So I also collected the old toys, like the figure-beepers, puzzles and …. records.

Asterix serie

Kuifje serie


About 10 years ago I met other collectors of these record-sleeves during a sleeve-exposition and they pointed me to a website which gave an overview (list) of about 3500 records  :

Whaoow, that is a mindblowing list. But unfortunally with only a few  photo’s, not complete and the list was maintained till about the year 2000. Unfortunally I couln’t get in contact with the website owner.

There are more websites, fansites or collections on the internet, but few are complete :

Three years ago  I started to fill in the missing info and photos  of  the big list of RonaldK, which finally resulted in building this website.

I also do check the hugh database of comicbookshop Lambiek to check if it is a known comicbookartist or illustrator.

My special thanks go out to RonaldK who did an amazing job in starting this immense list. Also to the record-sleeve collectors who helped me with my collection and supported me in creating this website, in special Gerard, which huge collection I was fortunate to buy, which gave an extra boost to my collection and drive to do this. And also to the creators of the other websites, fansites and collections on the internet, which I use and check to complete my list.


Have fun,


A giant collection of record cover art