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About - Record Cover Art


This website is in progress. I’m still creating the right layout and running tests to show the information and photo’s. At the beginning of  2017 I hope all is up and running.

You can find the illustration-artist in alphabetical order, where I sort the artists on their last name (Joost Swarte –>  Swarte, Joost) or artist name (George Remi –>  Herge).

If you select an artist you first will get an overview of the records that comicbook artist made :



If you click on one of the photo’s you will get more information about this record and a bigger photo.

Each photo will have as much information as I have ,or could find, in this order :

Artist – Country  –  Release date  – Music artist – Label – Label number  – Format – Extra info



The title of the record is at the top of the photo

Artist  : the name, or artist name, of the comicbook artist

Country  : the country where  the comicbook artist was born, lives or lived

Release date : the year the record was first released

Music artist : the artist who’s music it is or if multiple artists contributed it will state : v/a (various artists)

Label : label of the record company who first released the record or the one I have (if multiple labels have released  the record)

Label number : the labelnumber with that Label

Format : is the size of the record :

78t = 10″ or 12” record at 78 rpm

10” = 10” record at 33 rpm

LP = 12” record at 33 rpm

2LP = double  LP

12” = 12”  record at 45 rpm

7” = 7” (ep) record at 45 rpm


2CD = double CD

CDs = CD single

CDr = CD rom

MC = Music Cassette

MP3 = CD with MP3 files

LD = Laser disc (not music, but a movie)

Extra info : will give extra info like : limited edition, or also available on other formats / labels, etc

Each week I still do find new items, so I will update the website on a regular base.  If you have addition items, photo’s and/or  information, please let me know by sending  an email to

At this moment the overview is still under construction, because I just started this and I do have more than 6000 photo’s with information. So it will take some time before all is on the website.

A giant collection of record cover art