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History - Record Cover Art


2018 – august : after my vacantion I picked up searching additional info for the letter S. But I’m also busy now with the preperation of my comicbookshow (Brabants Stripspektakel). So I will continue this website in September. I will then add the letters PQRS and extra records I found for the previous letters.

2018 – may : Still busy with the website. Letter S is mostly done. But we still are facing the problem of the uploading. We can’t find the upload tool…… The website is now on a halt, till I’m able to upload and correct pages again (have additional images and info, correct images, fix missing or nor shown images and info, etc).

2018 – feb : Finished the letter P and uploaded the photos. Already busy and almost ready with the letter R. Now I’m waiting for help to convert my Excel-list into a visible page on this website.  Asked for help from my new webmaster. We can’t find the special tool to convert the Excel-list to a webpage. We don’t know where the old webmaster (who passed away) put it….

2018 – jan : HappyNewYear and all the best for 2018 !!

2017 – dec : Just at the edge of 2017, finished Peyo –> more than 550 items found !! Whoaw !! Busy now with the last few of the letter P.  In januari I will upload them and add also the new items from the previous letters.

In the meanwhile I saw that the letter L misses a lot of names, they vanished ?? Have to fix that.

2017 – dec : Had a few months no work on the website due to the fact I had no time (started my own company) and my webmaster passed away (at age 27). So I have to maintain and upload the items myself now. I will start to upload again. I will also add new items I found of the ‘old’ names.

2017 – sept : Started again with the letter P, busy now with Peyo (and he made a lot….;o)

2017 – july: M,N & O visible, but a lot of photo’s not shown.  We still have to fix the problem with the mass-upload-tool, something goes wrong. First have to fix this. I will continue with the letter P in september. First vacation …;o) and busy with setting up the Brabants Stripspektakel ( –> a kind of Comic Con for European comics.

2017 – july : N is ready and send to uploader. Busy with letter O.  Uploader is busy with other project, so M en N are on hold, but will be visible soon.

2017 – juni : Busy now with the letter N.

2017 – mai : Letter M is ready and send to the uploader. Hopefully next week the letter M will be visible. Also busy to find the problem why some pictures are not shown.

2017 – april: Finally H-L are visible now. But some photo’s are not shown, so I have to fix that. Already more than 4000 items in the overview….. and just half-way. Busy with finding the photo’s of letter M now.

2017 – march : Uploaded H – K but had a problem, because I added the first name of the artist…. and the mass-upload program didn’t get it. Hopefully fixed it now. Also uploaded the letter L. Busy now with letter M. Hopefully letter H – L will be visible before end of march.

2017 – feb : fixed the mass-upload problem, so A,B & C are Ok now. D, E, F & G are also uploaded and visible, but not all pictures are ok –>  still some work to do. In the meantime H, I, J & almost K ready to upload. It takes more time than expected, but finally I will get there….;o)

2017 – jan : still busy with finding the other photo’s of D, E, F.  Saw that the mass-upload didn’t go well ; about 10-15% is not uploaded. Found the problem (lines with empty fields and funky letters (à, á, ü, ö, etc)  are not uploaded……) Have to fix that.

In the meantime D, E, F, G and part of H is ready to upload. But first fix A, B and C miss-uploads.

2016 – dec : busy with D, E, F ….. completed the list with all my own records and making good photo’s.

2016 – nov : uploaded the next two letters : B,  C

2016 – sept : uploaded the first set of information & photo’s (letter A)

2016 – april : started building the framework (WordPress)

2016 – jan : started to make plans to convert the website from Joomla to WordPress

2015 : the website was hacked a few times , so we put it down.

2014 : started the first website with all the records I have in my collection

2013 : the idea of this website was initiated

A giant collection of record cover art